Survey Reveals College Grads Aren’t Alone; Most Adults Want to Help Their Job Searches

graduation capIf you’re a recent college grad, according to a new survey by “Every Day Connect,” resources provided by Fairfield Inn & Suites to mentor the next generation of business travelers, more than 77 percent of employed adults said they’re willing to help college graduates find work.

To that point, 49 percent of the 1,000 polled employed adults mentioned they have a mentor in their profession.

They do appreciate a decent thank-you in the form of a phone call (91 percent of respondents indicated this was an appropriate method to express gratitude.) Snail mail or e-mails were also considered appropriate.

What’s not really surprising? The majority of respondents acknowledged the power of personal relationships to help them maintain momentum forward in their career path.

The data also showed a strong emphasis on working adults helping younger people at the beginning of their careers to find work. They’re willing to pay it forward to help recent grads get the support and guidance they need.

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