Survey: Nearly 40% of Mobile Users Hesitant to Use Location Services (Infographic)

A recent survey from Skyhook Wireless revealed the major reasons users are hesitant to use location services in mobile apps.

Mobile location network Skyhook Wireless has released the results of a recent survey of 1,000 mobile users, focused on consumer opinion surrounding location-based services and apps on mobile devices. The results indicated 83 percent of users say location services are ‘vital’ to an app, but nearly 40 percent of users hesitate to share their location data, due to a number of concerns.

The study found 50 percent of these hesitant users named ‘privacy concerns’ as the top reason they don’t turn on location services. Twenty-three percent said they didn’t see the value of using location data, while 19 percent were concerned about draining their battery life by using location services.

According to the study, 18 percent of these hesitant users have turned off location services for all apps due to the above concerns, with 20 percent of these users saying they turn off location services in an effort to avoid advertising.

When it comes to consumers who do use location services, the study found 25 percent of users keep these services activated in order to receive offers and notifications from nearby businesses and attractions. Specifically, 34 percent of users appreciate receiving personalized messages from apps when location services are turned on.

Overall, the study found weather and social networking apps were the most popular app types to have locations services turned on, followed by travel, photo and video and news apps.

In a statement, Skyhook Wireless CEO, Jim Crowley, commented on the results:

This data suggests that there’s a huge and largely untapped opportunity to create value from location services that many app publishers and advertisers could be taking full advantage of. Ultimately, it’s all about the payoff to consumers. Users need to be informed about the ways in which location services add meaningful value to their app experience, and educated about how their privacy is being managed—so that the critical benefits outweigh any attendant concerns.

Check out the study’s results in the infographic below.

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Skyhook Wireless Location Services Infographic