Survey: Moms Have Had Enough of Social Media [Infographic]

Why millennial mothers are getting fed up with their favorite social channels, and what brands can do to keep them interested.

Source: Current

Social media is a great distraction, but a recent survey by communications agency Current found that one in two moms think they’d be better off paying attention to other things.

“Most people are talking about how prevalent social media use is among women, particularly moms, but there is an anti-social movement on the horizon,” said Amy Colton, an executive vice president at Current. “Moms, especially young moms, are feeling pressured to present a perfect life, getting sick of bad brand blitzes, and starting to feel overwhelmed and annoyed.”

The infographic above cites the top reasons why those surveyed are considering a break from social media, including too many marketing messages and privacy concerns.

Surprisingly, it’s the younger millennial moms who are most eager to cut the cord, with 60 percent saying they are thinking about cutting ties to social media. The majority of these new moms, 61 percent, say that they feel pressured to keep up with the digital Joneses via  “perfect” pictures and posts on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook and Pinterest are the top channels for younger and new moms who are active on social media, with Instagram a fast-growing contender. Nearly a quarter of moms say they are using the one-at-a-time photo stream more than last year, perhaps because the content is highly curated. Twitter has suffered the most from new mom-attention fatigue, with only 34 percent of survey respondents still using the service.

Here’s how the top social channels stack up in the hearts of millennial moms:

Facebook: 93 percent

Pinterest: 65 percent

Instagram: 59 percent

Google+: 58 percent

Twitter: 34 percent

For brands who rely on social channels to reach theses primary household decision makers, Colton suggests keeping marketing messages to a minimum and making sure that the content stays relevant. Her top pick for content that will keep moms engaged? Humor.

“No one needs to laugh more than a stressed out, multi-tasking mom,” said Colton.