Survey: Kraft’s Sincere Messaging Helps its Reputation


The Reputation Institute analyzed the data of their annual Global Pulse survey and figured out that U.S. corporations perceived to be communicating with the most sincerity had the best reputations.

Full results and press release will be issued by the Institute this Monday.

For sincerity, Kraft Foods took the cake, followed by Disney, Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, and Google.

The same data is used by the Institute to compile the annual 75 Most Reputable Companies list, published in the June issue of Forbes.

If you compare the sincerity ranking with the reputation ranking, you’ll notice “don’t be evil” Google does well at #5 for sincerity and wins in reputation. Anheuser-Busch has the biggest spread, ranking #9 in sincerity while staggering through the door at #44 for reputation–still very good considering 150 companies were compared.

The Top 10 lists and quote are after the jump:

sincerity ranking.jpg

If you consider the new media axiom “information wants to be free,” sincerity and soundness of message is a premium commodity for brands. Reputation Institute Managing Partner Kasper Nielsen in the release:

“In an era of financial upheaval and real worry by consumers, they look to be reassured by companies that they perceive to be speaking to them truthfully. In today’s media environment, consumers are highly aware of corporate activities and are especially critical of those that say one thing and do another.