Survey: In-Store Movie Rental is Fading

Movies_Popcorn_Clipart.jpgIn today’s “yeah right” department, a recent survey conducted by CinemaNow said that the vast majority of Americans—a staggering 87 percent—agreed that “renting DVDs at the video store or through mail service will become a thing of the past,” EngadgetHD reports. Plus, 94% of those same customers reportedly felt that movie downloads were just “better for the environment.”

Sound surprising? What if we reminded you that CinemaNow is an online movie rental company that streams movies to PCs? Make no mistake, it’s a fine service and all. But there should be some kind of law against vendors from pawning off marketing efforts as “surveys” or “studies,” as if they’re objective.

We’ll let EngadgetHD have the last word on this one: “[It’s] not like the average Joe / Jane understands how much energy is consumed by warehouses full of drives, gigantic air-conditioned server rooms and legions of PCs sucking down content, but yeah, these results are totally representative of the truth.”

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