Survey: Ed Sheeran Inspires Users to Consider Digital Detox

A recent survey from Stop Procrastinating found users would consider giving up the Internet and social media after learning about the musician's reason for doing so.

A new survey from Stop Procrastinating has found musician Ed Sheeran’s goal to give up the Internet and social media until the end of 2016 is inspiring others to do the same. In a survey of 1,000 people, Stop Procrastinating found 51 percent of respondents would consider ‘digital detox’ after learning about Sheeran’s reason for doing so.

In addition, the survey found 14 percent of users had already reduced their social media and Internet usage after being inspired by Sheeran.

The survey highlighted some of the major reasons users are considering digital detox:

  • They agreed with Sheeran that they lived their lives through a screen and they were missing out on real life.
  • They were worried that they felt anxious if [they] hadn’t checked for a social media or Facebook update.
  • They felt that they didn’t fully enjoy or appreciate an experience because they were thinking about communicating about it to their friends through social media.
  • They felt concerned that they weren’t able to enjoy life unless others knew what they were doing.
  • Checking digital devices reduced the quality of their sleep.
  • Digital devices affected the quality of their relationships.
  • They felt they had fewer interested because they lived their life too much online.

Stop Procrastinating has compiled a digital detox plan inspired by Sheeran and responses to the survey. The plan encourages users to take trips to locations without Internet connectivity, or participate in activities such as reading books or magazines, instead of browsing the Web. Users are also encouraged to use a website blocker to block certain websites, or even lock their devices away for a full ‘digital detox’ week.

Readers: Would you consider participating in an ‘digital detox’ plan?

Image courtesy of Ed Sheeran on Facebook.