Survey: 75% of Journalists Find ‘Targeted’ Press Releases Useful

A new survey by the Oriella PR Network, an alliance of 15 PR agencies around the world, reveals a number of interesting data points regarding how digital media has changed the nature of news-gathering.

The survey, completed in May and June 2010, included 750 journalists in 15 countries. Over fifty per cent of the journalists surveyed believe their titles will shift to online-only.

But despite the rapidly changing landscape and talk of the death of the press release, “traditional” tactics such as an emailed press release are still effective. 75% of respondents said that an emailed press release is useful to receive from PR professionals, assuming the content is “high quality and well targeted.”

In regards to mobile, more publications offer a mobile version in the U.S. (38%) than in any other country. Germany, Spain and Italy came in at approximately 30% and the U.K. came in at 26%.

And, despite the financial challenges at many publications, 49% of journalists surveyed said they enjoy their jobs “just the same” over the past two years, and 24% said they “enjoy it more.”

That’s not to say that journalists aren’t concerned about the future of the profession. 43% said editorial quality will erode due to lack of resources, and 41% said online media is still “far from profitable business models.”

[Disclosure: This PRNewser previously worked for Oriella PR Network agency Horn Group.]