Surf and Subscribe to Wikio information portal

With Technorati, Techmeme, Google News, Newsvine and the rests of the news/blog aggregators available on the web right now, do we need another information portal? For whatever its worth, Wikio seems to be a pretty decent information portal where you can surf, subscribed and get informed of the various facets of the information world. So, I guess there’s no harm in trying Wikio out.

For the goodies, Wikio is a news search engine that lets you personalized your news reading habits and experiences. When you say search engine, you expect something like Google, Yahoo or MSN Live Search where you get a tiny little search box where you enter your search term and hit a button that gives you a list of links relevant to your search topic. That’s a search engine. But Wikio offers something more.

Aside from the usual search engine which aggregates around 57673 media sites and blogs, Wikio also rank breaking news and popular blog entries and displays them on the Wikio main portal. The Wikio portal also features top and hot products searches and top videos available on the web.

Now, for even more goodies. Wikio has some nifty tools which you can use in your own websites. You can add Wikio news, RSS button and Vote buttons in your blogs. This gives you instant access to Wikio news features as well as allows you to share your Wikio stuff to your site/blog readers.

If you want to learn more about Wikio, I’ll leave you with this link to its FAQ site. It has some good explanation on what other stuff you can do to maximize the full potential of Wikio.