Support Your Local Bureau

A fund-raising drive to support a D.C. bureau? That’s Mother Jones’ approach (or, as they call it, “Mother Jones Investigative Fund“).

    Basing journalists inside the Beltway does not come cheaply, and we’re happy to say that both advertising and subscriptions are paying part of the freight. But Mother Jones was set up as a non-profit thirty years ago in part so that we could insulate our reporting from certain kinds of commercial pressures. We have always been able to depend on contributions from readers like yourself to cover a portion of our investigative expenses, and I’d like to ask you to help us pull off this latest expansion.

    We need to raise $45,000 to cover the operating costs of the D.C. bureau till the end of the year. Would you be one of a thousand people to kick in $45 to the Mother Jones Investigative Fund?