SuperShuttle Mobile Friendly Where's My Van Option is Handy for Travelers


I rarely rent a car when I attend a conference since I find that I rarely have the time to go anywhere much beyond the conference area. That was the case last week while in San Francisco attending Think Mobile West. The best bet for on-time pickup and shortest time to get from a hotel to an airport is usually a taxi or towncar service. Unfortunately, this can be a bit on the expensive side. The alternative are shared ride shuttle services. These service generally make a half-dozen stops. And, unless you are the first stop, the odds of it being on time are slim. But, that’s the price of saving a bit of money. I scheduled a lift back to the airport with SuperShuttle which provides service in a large number of U.S. cities. I’ve used them before and found them to be reliable. Despite their past reliable service, I always get a bit “ansy” as the minutes tick past the appointed pickup time. There is a bit of relief on their mobile website though. You can point your phone’s browser at and it should redirect to their mobile website automatically. If not, it is found here.

One of the buttons on their mobile site is “Where’s My Van?”. The site timed out frequently when I tried it. However, as you can see in the screenshot above, it was eventually able to provide me with useful information. The van appeared about 15 minutes after its scheduled time. But, that sort of thing should be figured into travel time calculations for shared vans.