SuperPilot is Super Addictive

Flying over they skies of Denmark I began to notice a strangely large number of oranges being thrown at my aircraft. I pitched left and right, forwards and backwards. It appeared I was stuck on some strange 2-D plane… stuck in some 2-D plane.

Every now and then there comes a game. A game that makes my hands hurt and my throat soar with the constant spewing of expletives. Today ladies and gentlemen that game is SuperPilot.

The game is simple: pilot a small craft around bullets and last as long as you can. The addictive elements to this game are what make it evil. The true evil in this came can be found in the fact that you can’t win, my average match lasted 5.3 seconds.

Not only do we get the world score board, but we also have a challenge mode that lets you challenge your friends, or random people, in an all out timed death match. These challenge matches can be done over a period of time, with the white glove of the challenge being sent via email.

New planes can be earned by lasting longer in the ‘pit of death’ or by besting your foes in the challenge arena. Your best score is also posted on your wall and all your friends can be envious of your greatness. I am personally striving to unlock a futuristic fighter that will allow me to dodge oranges more efficiently.

Can anyone out there beat my score? Challenge me to find out. Chances are you are better than me, I have found out after losing to Nick twice that I am not very good at this game.