SuperFun Town Climbs to the Lead on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Games

The city-building genre is still one of Facebook’s most popular. SuperFun Town!, the new game by Iwi, has tapped into the demand for city games to rise to the top of this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games, defined as those still under a million monthly active users.

Most of the new players for SuperFun, the main attraction of which we found to be decorating your brightly-colored town, appeared over the past week. Here’s the AppData chart:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. SuperFun Town! 623,256 +533,908 +597.56
2. Casino City 519,466 +277,723 +114.88
3. Pet Resort 263,121 +245,438 +1,387.99
4. 時尚人 生 280,944 +155,375 +123.74
5. The Hardest Game of the World 595,641 +151,179 +34.01
6. Birdland 609,820 +145,010 +31.20
7. Maya Pyramid 373,141 +121,815 +48.47
8. Jumping Dog 960,364 +110,657 +13.02
9. الصندوق السحرى 148,599 +110,194 +286.93
10. Sweet World 679,772 +109,917 +19.29
11. Bite Me 498,518 +109,067 +28.01
12. 快樂島 主 475,496 +101,569 +27.16
13. My Casino 746,794 +84,437 +12.75
14. InGenius 174,855 +77,770 +80.11
15. Epic Goal 286,171 +77,168 +36.92
16. Chocolatier: Sweet Society 351,772 +73,710 +26.51
17. Lovely Farm 453,709 +62,620 +16.01
18. Resort World 977,765 +61,108 +6.67
19. 尋寶物 語 251,901 +60,802 +31.82
20. Gangsta Zombies 173,790 +60,243 +53.06

Casino City may look newer, but the game actually dates back to April. The game hit a high point of over two hundred thousand MAU in early June, but quickly fell almost 50 percent over the rest of the month. Now the independently developed game, which has players manage a virtual casino, is on the rise again.

Pet Resort, at number three, is one of Playdom’s most recent games. At the end of the day, it’s a pretty typical pet-raising game; what’s interesting is that the game was released in partnership with Purina, the pet food brand. We’ve seen relatively few games with a direct brand sponsorship to date, and even fewer that have become successful, but Pet Resort is growing fast.

Next up is 時 尚人生, a Chinese-language mall and fashion sim. The Hardest Game of the World, at number five, is more reminiscent of a cheap iPhone puzzler than a Facebook game, but that hasn’t stopped it from accumulating over half a million players — the competitive element in beating any part of the hard game probably leads players to post to their walls more often.

Finally, skipping over a few games, الصندوق السحرى catches our eye. Not for its gameplay — the app looks more like a gimmick to get users to post to their walls — but for the simple virtue of being an Arabic-language game on Facebook, one of the very first we’ve seen.