Superfly, Travel Loyalty Membership Organizer, Introduces iOS Hotel Booking App

Superfly, an online service that helps fliers organize multiple frequent flier accounts and search for the best deal based on points and pricing, has introduced a new app focused on hotels.

Superfly Hotels aims to be “like Mint for Travel.” Essentially the app lets you organize all your frequent flier, hotel and car rental memberships in one app and then will do a smart hotel search for you with this information in mind. The app will help you locate the best hotels in your desired city and on your chosen dates based on pricing availability, as well as your loyalty program memberships and corresponding points.

The app has booking features, so once you find the hotel that is right for you, can you cash in points or pay with a credit card and get credit for your stay through the loyalty program of your choice. The app promises 5-10% cash back on all hotel bookings as an incentive to use the transactional features.  Like other hotel booking apps, you can read reviews of the suggested hotels and access maps to help you find your way there.