Supercell’s free-to-play titles grossing $15M a month on iOS

Finnish developer Supercell has told the New York Times its free-to-play iOS games are seeing sales in excess of $500,000 a day. On a monthly basis that translates to more than $15 million in gross revenue, or $10.5 million after Apple takes its 30 percent transaction fee.

The figure, which includes revenues from both Hay Day and Clash of the Clans, is yet another indication that a top grossing iOS game is now easily earning in excess of $5 million a month. In August the U.K.’s NaturalMotion revealed its popular free-to-play drag racing title CSR Racing was seeing sales of more than $12 million a month, a figure that still stands as the high-water mark for a single iOS game.

According to AppData, Clash of the Clans is currently the No. 2 top grossing iPhone and iPad app. Hay Day is the No. 19 top grossing iPhone app and the No. 14 iPad app.

Clash of the Clans’ positions on the top grossing iOS charts for the past month.

Hay Day’s daily rankings on the top grossing iOS charts for the past month. 

The figures are also a validation of the company’s tablet-first gaming strategy. In March the company’s general manager Greg Harper told us in an interview he believed that there was a direct correlation between high tablet engagement rates the higher rate of monetization on tablet games. With revenues currently in excess of $10 million a month, Harper’s predictions seem to have borne fruit.