Supercell’s Facebook Action RPG Comes Out (of Beta) Shooting

Finnish developer Supercell has reached a major milestone with its debut title, The futuristic action RPG recently reached version 1.0, officially lunching after an extended open beta.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, currently has 170,000 monthly active users and 20,000 daily active users. is an action RPG with both single- and multiplayer components. In it, players take on the role of a new resident of Dawnbreak, an artificially created island. Upon arrival, they are imprisoned, escape, and join a resistance movement in an attempt to bring down Labycore, the evil corporation responsible for the island’s construction.

The title combines elements of traditional RPGs with gameplay reminiscent of dungeon crawlers such as Diablo and Torchlight. Players move by clicking the mouse on their destination, or clicking and holding to move while walking. Attacking enemies is done by clicking on them, with the player’s character continuing to attack the same enemy until they’re dead or the player selects another target. The graphics are fully polygonal, appearing almost console quality, and the gameplay is viewed from an isometric perspective.

Role-playing aspects include character customization, from hair and facial properties to clothing and accessories, as well as skills, weapons, and items. Players can collect items and money from defeated enemies, with the loot sometimes containing materials necessary to craft weapons, armor, and other items. Before players can craft items — a process that requires not only materials, but time as well — they must acquire the plans to make them. These can be obtained by completing missions and defeating bosses. Both acts also reward players with money, diamonds (the premium currency), and experience points. When players level up, they gain automatic increases in their attack, defense, and other stats.

As a real time, massively multiplayer title, features public areas like nightclubs where players can see one another in the game world, converse, trade, and form parties for conducting boss battles. Players can assemble their own teams to take on bosses, or use a matchmaking system within the game to be place on a team. Once a team is formed, they can enter a boss area and fight alongside one another to bring down larger enemies. When the boss is defeated, players can stake a claim on the loot that’s dropped, with the game basing who gets it on an expressed level on interest. The game also allows players to chat in real time, trade items, and send one another components for crafting. If players die in boss combat, they can also ask friends to help revive them.

The title is monetized through a premium currency, diamonds, which can be used for buying weapons, clothing, and item components as well as for unlocking additional crafting slots so that more than one item can be crafted at once. It’s also possible to purchase health items and revive oneself if defeated in boss battles with premium currency.

Supercell has been vigilant in keeping updated with new content, from additional areas (there are currently six main areas, many with more than a dozen locations) to a variety of different weapons — realistic and sci-fi inspired. The developer also maintains an active official forum for the game. We’re interested to see how the game performs in the long run as other real-time massively multiplayer games on Facebook have struggled with the platform’s naturally asynchronous environment.

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