#SuperBowl Dominates Trending Topics On Twitter

As you would expect, Super Bowl XLV (or 45 on the decimal system) is trending heavily on Twitter today (as both a promoted and organic topic) – there’s literally hundreds of tweets appearing every few minutes.

Throwing around the old pigskin aside, the Super Bowl is known for the high-profile and often spectacular advertisements that air during the TV broadcast. This year, Chevrolet and Transformers 3 have teamed up and sneak previews of two of these commercials are available below.

The highlight sees Transformers stalwart Bumblebee transforming into the 426-hp Camaro SS:

The second ad takes a somewhat more meta approach, with a couple of guys imagining their perfect Super Bowl commercial – which of course features a series of beautiful women and an explosive car chase.

Incidentally, I’m rooting for Green Bay. Which means Pittsburgh are basically a sure thing. You heard (and saw) it here first.

Disclaimer: In full disclosure, this post is part of a sponsorship campaign with Chevy/GM in coordination with Lijit Networks, Inc. for SuperBowl XLV. I received compensation for these posts, but the opinions expressed here are my own.