Super Rewards Monetizing Twitter-Exclusive Mafia Game

Super Rewards started as a project for monetizing Facebook applications, and the company is expanding outwards to now include Twitter. The virtual goods and currency platform that works for online games and social networks has created a way to generate revenue for games that have been designed to work exclusively with Twitter, including 140 Mafia.

So how does it work? Users earn points redeemable within the game by recruiting new users via Twitter. It’s yet another exchange-based system that has proven successful, to certain degrees, on Facebook. In exchange for a user participating in certain offers and actions, they earn points and other benefits to be used in the game or social network. As Twitter continues to prove useful as a distribution platform, taking advantage of its cross-device access and usability, there are other “platforms” that are cropping up in order to build on that spreading reach.

The game 140 Mafia already leverages the Twitter format, as it is a text-based game. Level up in the Mafia family in order to gain property, position and wealth. For the Mafia game and Super Rewards in particular, the model used for monetizing Twitter is one that is very similar to what has been readily proven within Facebook applications, by way of games and virtual environments.

What remains to be proven, however, is whether or not this type of rewards application will work on a microblogging platform such as Twitter. On the one hand, recruitment is often considered spammy within a social networking environment and has been curtailed with various regulations. Spam on Twitter has already begun to run rampant, and any institutionalized application that monetizes itself via Twitter will need to be careful to avoid becoming perceived as spam.

On the other hand, monetizing virtual goods is becoming a saturated market, and we’re seeing a good amount of the rewards-based monetization move into the mobile realm. This all becomes particularly noteworthy as news of Twitter’s possible revenue plans coming through branded microblogs for corporate organizations. It seems that there are several emerging ideas being implemented towards the monetization of Twitter.