Super Rewards Announces In-Game Flash Monetization Options

Super Rewards, an Adknowledge company and one of the largest virtual currency offer platforms on the web, has announced today a new version of its ad offer platform for Flash. The new platform allows players to accept any Super Rewards payment option without leaving their Flash game. Previous to this, gamers that wanted to use Super Rewards offers would have to click over to another screen, and sometimes would have to quit their current game to engage in the monetization aspect of the game. Super Rewards is stating that the new platform can be integrated into a Flash game in less than 30 minutes.

The solution, which can be seen in a demonstration here (screenshots below), brings up a plethora of offer options relating to software, surveys and more. The new integration promises to increase the percentage of users who purchase virtual currency: “”We’ve seen an evolution in the gaming space from text based and HTML spaced to Flash and Unity. Flash games can really have much more immersive graphics and gameplay,” said Chris Smutny, VP of Social and Online Gaming at AdKnowledge, who own Super Rewards. “What we have seen is that by making the flow of the user experience substantially better, we can lift conversion by as much as 20%.”

This would help improve monetization on an already impressive Super Rewards platform. According to Super Rewards, their platform average earnings rate is $78 per 1,000 daily active unique users on each application. This number, of course, is affected by a publisher’s use of the Super Rewards Offer Management Console, which allows publishers to choose which types of offers they want to show on their game. This is to help them customize their experience for their players, and perhaps remove some of the offers with “unsavoury reputations” that sometimes pay the best.

In other news today, Super Rewards announced a partnership with Payletter, a payment provider that focuses on online MMO games. Games that use the Payletter monetization platform will now also have access to the Super Rewards payment platforms. This is yet another move in the turf war that is ongoing between the various big payment providers in the social gaming space. Stay tuned for more!