Super Rewards Announces 3-in-1 Monetization Solution

Super Rewards (an Adknowledge Co.) has been actively working to provide its publishers with a myriad of monetization options. Today they are officially unveiling the first platform that integrates unique in-game overlay, offer banner and a newly-designd offer wall on a single virtual currency monetization platform. This one stop shop approach makes publishers’ lives easier and also delivers an improved user experience that results in higher engagement and earnings per users. After the jump we will delve into the details of each announced feature.

According to the release, over 75 percent of users do not use offer walls. This can be attributed to the oft-found disjointed structure of offer walls that separates game play from virtual currency purchasing. Although these features aren’t novel in their essence, their fused presence is the crux of the value add Super Reward is striving for. The following is Super Rewards’ attempt to ameliorate these issues, complete with custom integration solutions for its publishers:

I. In-Game Overlay

With an in-game overlay, publishers can target users with focused offers within the game. These offers can be shown at the initial game load point, on or near the menu bar and triggered via user inactivity.

One success story is The Broth’s Barn Buddy on Facebook which experienced a 25 percent lift in revenue while some other publishers have seen over 45 percent increase in number of paying users that resulted in 20 percent gains in earnings.

“The In-Game Overlay is a superb and effective way to engage our players with simple offers for them to complete for free game currency, all while generating significant revenue pick-ups for The Broth,” said Markus Weichselbaum, chief executive officer of The Broth. “What’s even better is that the Overlay is presented in the game – where users spend the majority of their time, as opposed to a payment page. This has resulted in higher conversions, as well as a more enjoyable user experience.”

II. Offer Banner

The offer banner is a banner that can be integrated within a game’s unused real estate and presents users with targeted direct payment methods and localized offers. This is important, especially for international users, who may not be at liberty like users in the US to use credit cards or paypal.

Developers using the offer banner have seen 40% increase in the number of first time payers and 15-40 percent increase in total earnings.

III. Offer Wall

Super Rewards has been diligently working to redesign its offer wall and its components such as analytics and user experience. Users will now have access to a wide range of offers, mostly localized that include video offers, magazines, surveys, shopping rewards and tasks.

Super Rewards is adamant about helping its publishers in integrating their platform and advising them on a per case basis about optimal utility of banner placement among other things.

“At the end of the day, publishers care about building a good environment for their gamers and making sustainable earnings,” said Scott Lynn, chief executive officer of Adknowledge. “Our improved Super Rewards platform now delivers an even more efficient way for publishers to engage with paying users and increase revenue. Our advertisers also get exceptional reach and relevancy, particularly for those advertisers looking to expand beyond Yahoo! and Google on social media and gaming channels, where users spend most of their online time.”