10 Super Mario Bros Theme Covers That Will Make You Want To Stomp Some Goombas

We've put together a list of ten amazing Mario Bros. theme covers. Forget about saving the Princess - these videos are the perfect way to get your Super Mario Bros. fix.

The original Super Mario Bros. theme is one of the most cherished themes in the history of video games. Fun-loving Goomba stompers from around the globe get it stuck in their heads from time to time and when we hear it, it brings back fond memories of the early days of console gaming. It’s also one of the most-covered video game themes on YouTube and, inspired by an amazing new video of the theme (with sound effects!) on the violin, we’ve put together a list of ten amazing Mario Bros. theme covers. Forget about saving the Princess – these videos are the perfect way to get your Super Mario Bros. fix.

Super Mario Game Theme: Violin

This is the video that inspired our list. It was uploaded to YouTube last month but started going viral just a few days ago, thanks to Reddit. This guy not only plays the theme song on the violin while the game is played in the background, but is sure to add in the sound effects as well, from stomping on goombas to getting gold coins and 1-Ups.

Super Mario Beatbox

This video hit YouTube around the same time as the above video, back in June of 2010, but it has already been viewed over 6.3 million times. This guy beatboxes the Super Mario Bros. theme, plus sound effects as well. You may recognize him from our Top 10 Beatbox Videos earlier this year.

Super Mario

Yes, this guy is playing two guitars at once. And yes, he is awesome.

Beaboxing Flute Super Mario Brothers Theme

And here’s beatboxing flute player Gret Patillo with his rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme – Mario Flute.

Manualist plays super Mario bros. theme on his hands!

A lot of us played Super Mario Bros. back when we were immature kids, so it’s only fitting that we include an immature rendition of the theme song in this list. Here’s Gerry Phillips the “manualist”, playing the Super Mario Bros. theme on his hands. Gerry says he learned how to play music on his hands when he was 9-years old and went to a party. “The photographer (to keep us quiet) farted with his hands. I could do it right away.” I don’t know how farting with your hands is a good way to keep kids quiet, but nice talent Gerry!

Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros (Drum Video)

Andrea Vadrucci aka Vadrum has gotten nearly 15 million views on this video of his drum rendition of the Super Mario Bros. theme.

Super Mario bros theme song

This guy does a pretty good rendition of the old school video game theme on the piano, and what’s even more impressive is that he’s blindfolded! If you like this guy’s blindfolded performance then you can check out another here.

Super Mario Bros. Medley (Eminence Symphony Orchestra)

The original Super Mario Bros. theme music was composed by Koji Kondo and here’s the Eminence Symphony Orchestra performing it in all its glory. Embedding for this video has been disabled so click here to watch it on YouTube.

Super Mario Bros Theme on Ocarina

This next one may be a little bit confusing. This guy plays the Mario theme on the ocarina, which is much more typical of Zelda than Mario and Luigi.

Nintendo A Capella

No list of Super Mario Bros. theme covers would be complete without a little a capella action, so here you have it – Nintendo A Capella. This choir sings a medley of Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Zelda and more.

BONUS: My PVC Instrument, DRS Talent Show (Original)

I wanted to throw in this bonus video because it is, well…amazing! This guy plays a bunch of recognizable songs on an instrument that he made out of PVC pipe. The Super Mario Bros. theme comes in around 1:27.