Super Hot Nerds Are Here

Social networking site for people who "are nerdy on the inside but hot on the outside."

“You know you’re a super-hot nerd when …”

If you can finish that sentence, then this is a social networking website for you. Super Hot Nerds is an online space catering to women and men who “are nerdy on the inside but hot on the outside.”

The website was created by public relations agent Maria Losch when she realized that she was in fact  a super hot nerd. At the time, Losch thought about printing “hot nerd” t-shirts, but then took her idea to a whole new level when she decided to brand and market her idea in the same way she networks for her clients.

“I’m at a point in my life where I want to enjoy what I do to the fullest and that’s embracing all the parts of who I am by not fitting into this cookie-cutter mold of what or who I’m suppose to be in life,” said Maria Losch. “I have things to say and so do some of my super hot nerdy girlfriends. A blogzine, as I like to call it, is the perfect venue to express our whacked out, elites yet goofy and sometimes girlish points of view.”

The blog contains snarky rants, information on new products for nerds, and celebrity nerd news. They even crown a “nerd of the month.” For more information, visit