Super Crayon Sketches Out Emerging Numbers on Facebook

In recent months, most games that have begun emerging on our top lists have sims or virtual space games. However, a fairly young application for Facebook called Super Crayon takes a much more casual approach to its design, boasting around 341,000 monthly active users.

Part of the socialpoint family, this casual game is part puzzle, part twitch reaction and timing. With a surprisingly addictive form of game play focused around high scores, it’s easy to lose oneself playing Super Crayon. That said, the game also features some rather excessive ploys for social engagement that can be outright annoying.

Players control a crayon (though it looks more like a pencil to us) with the objective to “color in” 80 percent of a drawing. In order to do this, players move this crayon around the border of a blank image, and use the arrow keys to dart across the canvas.

The idea is to create an enclosed shape on the canvas. The catch is that there are various critters that bounce around within the space. Should one of them hit the player or the lines they are drawing (before they reach the border again), they will deduct a life. The game is thus about sectioning off these creatures, a mechanic that goes back to early Atari console games.

In order to aide in this endeavor, various power-ups will appear. These consist of score boosting fruits (Pac-Man-style), invincibility, slowed time, and so on. However, these can and will be destroyed should an enemy touch them. To make matters worse, these are the core catalyst to the game’s most obnoxious aspect.

Over half of the time we picked something up, the game asked if we wanted to share with friends in the form of an achievement, whether it was new or something we’d picked up a dozen times.

In addition to power-ups, the successive levels also become more difficult with newer enemies. Aside from different looks and sizes, some enemies can successfully navigate within the bordered areas of the canvas, while others follow the edges of lines.

As for any other social elements, the less annoying mechanic is the basic, competitive leaderboard system that is broken up into both friend and global categories. Moreover, there is also a tournament section in which players can participate in order to win “Social Gold.” It does not appear to have a direct use on Super Crayon itself, but it does appear usable in other socialpoint games.

Overall, Super Crayon is a fairly amusing casual game with social integration on Facebook. If you’re looking to kill a little time without having to do more farming, Super Crayon might be worth a pass, and hopefully that pass will come after the post spam is alleviated somewhat.