Super Bowl XLVIII Radio Row: The Raw Numbers

When listening to, as we have at various points this week, in-town programs like The Dan Patrick Show and Jay Mohr Sports, it’s easy to forget how crowded the radio coverage galley for a Super Bowl has become. For that, we turn to Ken Fang’s summary at AwfulAnnouncing:

There are 104 stations broadcasting live from this year’s Super Bowl Radio Row in New York… In the massive Sheraton Times Square Meeting Room, tables are set up from front to back with radio stations, all broadcasting simultaneously. The constant noise can be auditory overload to the untrained ear. There are the typical sports radio brands like “The Fan,” “The Fox,” “The Game,” “The Score,” “The Locker,” “The Gym” and “Good Karma” (Good Karma? Yes! Good Karma!).

Patrick and Mohr, both broadcast on the radio network of host broadcaster Fox Sports, had special digs erected away from the main hubbub of Radio Row. The twain of these two programs met this morning in the form of a Mohr appearance on Patrick’s program and brief, impromptu wrestling match between Mohr and Danette Paul Pabst (a.k.a. Paulie).

Check out the footage above if you can. Even when we’re talking urban match on Persian carpet, Mohr does not mess around.