Mike Lupica: This is Still a New York City Super Bowl

It’s going to be a topic of conversation all the way through Super Bowl XLVIII post-game analysis. For now, Daily News columnist Mike Lupica’s column about the lapping of New Jersey by New York during the NFL season’s big final week is the most-read article on the newspaper’s website.


Lupica has no problem terming #48 a “New York Super Bowl.” In fact, when he ran into Seattle TV reporter Eric Johnson in Times Square (re-GPSed starting today with Super Bowl Boulevard) and framed the big game as such, the Pacific Northwest visitor couldn’t agree more. From Lupica’s piece:

The Super Bowl is here because of New York City, even if the game is being played over at the place the late Sonny Werblin, when running the Meadowlands and enticing the Giants across the Hudson, used to call “13th Avenue.”

To say that Jersey and the city are “sharing” this week is like suggesting that San Francisco will be “sharing” Super Bowl L with Santa Clara in 2016 because the 49ers have moved there from Candlestick Park.

The sub-headline and photo captions for Lupica’s article, almost certainly written by other members of Team New York Daily News, really get in Jersey’s face. For example, one caption reads: ‘The NFL didn’t want this game here because of that big gray bowl where the Giants and Jets play their games. They wanted this game here because of New York.’ Take that MetLife Stadium!

[Photo: Leonard Zhukovsky/Shutterstock.com]