Anheuser-Busch Ready to Float New York’s Boat

Bud Light has long owned the Super Bowl TV commercial airwaves. This winter, it’s also going to be king of the Hudson River ebb and flow.

Per an announcement tipped to USA TODAY, the annual customary Bud Light Hotel will be a ship this year (Getaway) rather than a building. The gargantuan vessel set to be docked at Pier 88 from January 30 through February 2 will be coming straight from the Scandinavian assembly line:

Anheuser-Busch will plaster the Bud Light moniker on thousands of pillows, hand towels, shampoo bottles and other shipboard items, and will host concerts, business meetings and other gatherings in its event area. That space will include the Getaway, the deck of the retired military ship the Intrepid, its pier and the surrounding area.

“We’re able to handle 10 times as many people as we have had in the past by securing a cruise ship instead of taking over a traditional hotel,” says Rob McCarthy, vice president of Bud Light.

USA TODAY has details on some of the other big Super Bowl weekend sponsored events being planned. Sounds like it’s going to be 10X across the board.

FishbowlNY’s only quibble with A-B here is that the associated website is still in dry-dock.

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