Top 10 Super Bowl 2011 Commercials According To Hulu

The Super Bowl has come and gone, but today all anyone can talk about is the ads. Which commercial was the worst? Which was the best? And did you see that hilarious dog party?

The Super Bowl has come and gone, but today all anyone can talk about is the ads. Which commercial was the worst? Which was the best? And did you see that hilarious dog party? Well now you cannot only watch all the Super Bowl commercials online, but you can also see how they rank against one other. Hulu opened up their AdZone to viewers during the Super Bowl and asked them to rank the commercials live during last night’s game. Now the polls are closed, the results are announced and the top ten Super Bowl 2011 commercials can bask in advertising glory. Did your favorite Super Bowl ads make the cut?

Volkswagen: The Force

It comes as no surprise that this VW Passat spot came in first place in Hulu’s AdZone 2011 polls. VW released the ad last week on YouTube to build a buzz before the big game and had already drawn up 4.5 million views by the beginning of the weekend. It now has over 15.6 million YouTube views. 95% of Hulu viewers gave this spot thumbs up.

Bridgestone: Carma

Bridgestone was all over the hilarious commercials last night, but their beaver commercial was clearly their Sistine Chapel. I just love the little fist-pump that the beaver does at the end. Priceless. 94% of Hulu viewers gave this thumbs up.

Volkswagen: Black Beetle

Are you excited for the 2011 VW Beetle? 85% of Hulu viewers are, and gave this spot thumbs up.

Doritos: House Sitting

The Crash The Super Bowl contest makes Doritos one of the most looked forward to brands when it comes to Super Bowl commercial spots, and this year they didn’t disappoint. 84% of Hulu viewers gave this the thumbs up. I wonder if they really believe Doritos can raise the dead?

NFL: Super Bowl Celebration

This was one of my personal favorites. It mashed up timeless classic television shows from Happy Days to 90210, Seinfeld, Family Guy, The Sopranos, Cheers, Golden Girls, Sesame Street, The Brady Bunch, Family Matters, Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Modern Family and The Simpsons to show how fans everywhere celebrate the Super Bowl. This ad got 84% on Hulu.

Mars: Snickers

Just when you were wondering what ever happened to Richard Lewis and Roseanne Barr, they show up in a Snickers Super Bowl commercial, with thumbs up from 81% of viewers on Hulu. “Hey! My back hurts!” I gotta admit that last year’s Betty White “You’re not you when you’re hungry” Snickers commercial from last year was better, but this one is still pretty funny.

Paramount: Captain America: The First Avenger

Who’s excited for the new ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ movie? 80% of Hulu viewers are, putting this commercial in seventh place.

Coca-Cola: Border

I thought this commercial was pretty beautiful, and so did 79% of Hulu viewers. How cool would it be if Coca-Cola really had the power to get people to put their differences aside and get along, if only for a few seconds?

Pepsi: Love Hurts

This Pepsi ad is hilarious. This guy’s wife only has her husband’s best interests in mind, of course. 0 calories, maximum taste and 78% thumbs up from Hulu voters.

Chrysler: Imported From Detroit

Eminem’s Chrysler commercial tied with the Coca-Cola border commercial with 78% of Hulu viewers giving it thumbs up. It may be one of the most epic commercials we saw at the Super Bowl last night, with one of the deepest messages.

So did your favorite ads make the cut? For a slightly different angle, check out the top 10 Super Bowl commercials according the USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter.