THR Photo Editor Among Hollywood Shooter’s Targets

A very different kind of story for Daniel Miller, a Hollywood Reporter staffer who normally covers entertainment real estate transactions, top-tier talent agency signings and the like. It turns out that the trade publication’s 27-year-old website photo editor Chris Godley was one of those unlucky enough to be caught up in the insane crossfire at Sunset and Vine yesterday morning, a terrifying ordeal that Miller revisits.

The 2003 Toyota Tacoma headed south on Vine that is shot at by the firing madman in video footage widely circulated on the Web is Godley’s vehicle. Here’s his description of what it was like to catch sight of a pedestrian with a gun and be fired upon, point-blank:

“I processed the information very quickly. I hit my gas pedal and sped through the intersection as fast as I could,” Godley said Friday evening. “I knew he was going to take a shot at me. He took a shot and it went through my driver side door, grazed my leg, bounced off of my iPad and went into my passenger side door. It did not come out the other side of the door, so the bullet is in my door…”

“If he had aimed a little bit better I could just be gone right now,” said Godley. “I am still processing all of that. I think it has yet to really set in.”

Godley pulled over on a side street next to the ArcLight Cinemas and called 911. He later returned to the scene to speak with police and temporarily surrender his vehicle. FishbowlLA is very glad to hear that Godley is OK.

Read Miller’s full story here.

[THR article photo by: Aaron Pinkston]