Maureen Dowd Loves L.A.’s Tower Bar

New York Times columnist shares her thoughts in this week's THR oral history.

Last night at the Tower Bar on Sunset Blvd., our sister company A24 hosted a pre-Oscars party to celebrate its films Ex Machina, Room and Amy. The wood-paneled restaurant inside the Sunset Tower Hotel is marking its 10th anniversary this month, and yesterday, as it so happens, another of our affiliated companies, The Hollywood Reporter, published a fun oral history.


The quote in the piece getting the most attention is one from Tower Bar owner Jeff Klein, who claims that designer Tom Ford one night came up to him and said, “I love your restaurant. But if your hostess sits me next to another fat girl, I’m never going to come back.” FishbowlNY was more taken by the contributions to the oral history from Maureen Dowd. She praises the joint’s beloved Maitre D’ Dmitri Dmitrov and also paints a pretty impressive picture of her conversational moments at the restaurant:

“I’ve been there with Bill Maher, and we discuss our love lives. I’ve been there with Jon Favreau, President Obama’s former speechwriter, and we discussed life after Obama. I’ve been there with Aaron Sorkin, and we talked about my magazine piece about the inequities for women in Hollywood. I’ve been there with Tim Robbins, and we discussed politics. I’ve been there with Scott Berg and Kevin McCormick, and we discussed Charles Lindbergh,Woodrow WilsonSally Field and James Franco.”

THR got lucky with Klein. He’s outspoken in a way a lot of owners of Hollywood gathering places are not, opining about everything from offers he’s received to expand his brand to Dubai to what he thinks about the mega-mansions being built a little further West by Mohamed Hadid. Read the full history here.

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[Pictured (l to r): Dmitrov, Klein]