Sunlight Foundation Creates Congress App to Help You Stay Politically Informed

The Sunlight Foundation‘s free Congress App may be the most practical political tool I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s perfect for a politicomaniac or activist who can see an instant vote breakdown of any bill while getting quick access to call, tweet, or visit their favorite politician. It’s also great even if you only want to keep up with current legislative activities from your own representatives.

Here’s an extensive list of features for Android (less features for iPhone, but more are coming):

  • Read the latest bills and laws, and see how the votes were cast.
  • Find and call your members of Congress by using your phone’s location or zipcode, as well as the lawmaker’s last name, a state or committee membership.
  • See what’s happening on the House floor.
  • Keep on top of upcoming committee hearings.
  • Real-time notifications of votes, laws, floor activity and other congressional activities.
  • View your lawmakers’ latest votes, committee memberships or a map of their district.
  • Read tweets and watch videos from lawmakers’ Twitter and YouTube accounts or follow them in the news.
  • Easily share interesting bills across your social networks.
  • Add favorite lawmakers or bills to your dashboard or create shortcuts on your Android home screen.