Sundry Notes Pro for iPad Now 99 Cents: Don’t In-app Upgrade for $6.99!

If you installed the free Sundry Notes app on your iPad, you might have noticed the $6.99 in-app upgrade to the Pro version. However, do not spend the $6.99 for the in-app upgrade purchase. Why? The Pro app price just dropped to 99 cents. So, you can save $6 by buying the app directly from iTunes.

Sundry Notes Pro

Sundry Notes (free and Pro versions) is a multimedia note taking app that lets you record text, images, and audio. It allows collaboration with other Sundry Notes users over WiFi. And, it supports importing from a variety of sources including Dropbox.

I’ve got the free version installed on my iPad along with nearly a dozen of other writing and note taking apps. None have emerged as my favorite at this time.