Sundown on Sunset


Spelling Simplified! Steven Spielberg declared “I’m home” when he landed in the Ukraine to promote a documentary. And in a story that may or may not be related, Kiev is now Kyiv. No word yet if he’s Spyilberg.

Another Indiana Jones Sequel? Harrison Ford, who’s pretty spry and alert for 64, says he’s rarin’ to go for another Indiana Jones movie. Considering that Indy 4 has been in development for 10 years, what’s the rush?

Hey, Sonny Boy! The MPAA is finding a way to get close to young boys–by offering Boy Scounts a merit badge for Respecting Copyrights. What a creepy idea! What’s next–a page program at the Academy?

Mayan Mysteries If you want to get a jump on Apocalypto–UC Irvine is sponoring a symposium on ancient Mayan murals.

Full disclosure: family member involved, long drive– GTG!