Sundown on Sunset

We don’t care what anyone else says. We like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. What does this have to do with the week in review? Nothing. But we’re feeling like picking a fight today.

O.K. midnight oil burners: Here it is, the week you missed:

shakira.jpg Six Nominations Don’t Lie: Shakira is shaking her hips all the way to the bank — and with six Latin Grammy noms, looks like she’ll be shakin’ it for a long time to come.

jackson_rowe_wi.jpgMichael Jackson Settles Custody Battle: Buried deep in the story is this nugget: Jacko’s kids are Jewish. Happy New Year, kids. May you be written in the book of Life. Unless you don’t want to be — which we totally wouldn’t fault you for.

canhotdog.jpgNice Cans: Also, this is happening.