Sundown on Sunset


Ellen DeGeneres is already being panned as Oscar host, before she even gets her tux fitted. Tom O’Neill in the LA Times seems pretty set against her. His bright idea for a host? Tina Fey. An astute commentor reminds Tom that he didn’t like Chris Rock either. FBLA always watches with the sound off, so the host doesn’t matter to us.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger apologized for his racial stereotyping remarks. According to the AP story, he cringed when he read them in the LA Times. Cringed? We envision him hiding under the breakfast table, as Maria goes after him with a rolled-up paper.

FBLA has received a wonderful opportunity from Mrs. Ajima Saratu Aziz, widow to late Mr. Hassan A. Aziz., a major oil tycoon, in Kuwait. She writes:

Before my late husband died, he deposited the sum of 200 million dollars (Two Hundred million
dollars) in a company in Europe some years ago, thats all I have left
now, I need you To collect this funds and distribute it yourself to


So, we’re taking the rest of the day off.