Sunday’s NYTs Op-eds: The Drive-by Edition

Wonder what Frank Rich might do with a severed horse head?

“The biggest gift President Bush has given his party this year was to keep his daughter’s wedding nearly as private as Connie Corleone’s. Now that his disapproval rating has reached the Nixon nadir of negativity, even a joyous familial ritual isn’t enough to make the country glad to see him. The G.O.P.’s best hope would be for both the president and Dick Cheney to lock themselves in a closet until the morning after Election Day.”

Pssst. Have you heard? Tom Friedman is talking Barack and Israel.

Give Violence a Chance: “We think the Dalai Lama has been too peaceful…there is a big discussion now about whether we should turn to violence.”

MoDo is off this week-end. Latest Hillary incarnation to be determined.