Sunday’s NYT: The Drive-by Edition, Lehman, Palin, and Ike

14scene1_600span.jpgThe Times op-ed pages have had a two day collective meltdown over Palin.

Of course if you are a Palin fan, you may want to schedule an appointment at the Beehive Beauty Shop in Wasilla, Alaska.

The Times reporting side does some digging and comes up with a not-so-flattering picture of Palin — a bit like a small-town Giuliani, except instead of trying to shut down a museum exhibit she wanted to ban local library books.

By the time this Lehman story was printed the real story was already much, much worse.

And then we read about the sale of a $47 million apartment at the Stanhope on 5th Ave and wondered exactly what had to happen before real estate prices in Manhattan would be affected. And then we glanced at the front page of the Times website and decided we didn’t want to find out.

Let the Yankee Stadium eulogies begin.

We will read this.