Sunday’s NYT: The Drive-by Edition

09harris.xlarge1.jpgAl Gore would like you to know ‘Yes We Can’ is a transferable mantra.

Particularly since many of these people will now need something to focus their energy on.

MoDo is not getting any better but has managed to give us whiplash anyway.

Tom Friedman on the other hand wrote this and once again it’s worth reading(!), though technically speaking not from today’s paper: ‘None of this will be easy. But my gut tells me that of all the changes that will be ushered in by an Obama presidency, breaking with our racial past may turn out to be the least of them. There is just so much work to be done. The Civil War is over. Let reconstruction begin.’

China also has a gigantic billion dollar stimulus plan.

Ice, Ice, Brooklyn!

My Music, MySpace, My Life

This sounds like a very terrible real life version of a storyline from Days of Our Lives

Seeking a Poet for the Great Mess of ’08

From Builder to Master of the House

Giant Insurer Stands to Get Billions More — Just What You Want to Hear, Yes?

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