Sunday’s NYT: The Drive-by Edition

MILF: Maverick I’d Like to….etc.

The real estate crisis slouches its way thismuch closer to the Real Estate section.

Please say this isn’t so.

This is the sort of City section nostalgia that we like to see.

James and the Giant Tomato!

At least half the books in our apartment were bought off the street. The other half are being sold on the street by the person we donated them to.

The four horsemen (and then some) of the financial apocalypse all rode in from Goldman Sachs.

Things are not pleasant in conservative commentary land. Should it have really taken this long?

Shouldn’t this be in the style section?

Nope! Looks like the Style section is too busy discovering Mail Goggles.

There is probably some cultural relevance to this but since Jolie is not spelled P-A-L-I-N we’re too tired to figure it out.

Apparently Europe is currently more affordable. Seriously.

We would like to live in the Real Estate section. Nothing bad ever seems to happen here.

The Style section is accompanied by a magazine this week full of French movie stars. We recently saw A Secret, it was excellent.

By the time you read this Red Sox fans will be drunk or drunk.

Apparently now is the time to talk about Obama and race.