Sunday Styles Kicks Off Fashion Week With Story About … The New York Mets?

nyt_styles_mr_met.jpgYesterday was Sunday, technically the first day of Fashion Week in New York. Sunday Styles, the New York Times‘ weekly chronicle of cultural trends both fashionable and not-so, this week chose for its cover to chronicle a trend that would appeal to the thousands of fashion plates and industry oglers: The New York Mets.

David Wright, 23, the power-hitting third baseman of the Mets, is one reason an expanding group of local baseball fans are counting down to the postseason. “He’ my age, and he’s hot, and he’s good,” said Meghan Dockery, 23, a stockbroker.

Because, of course, there’s no fashion worth previewing this year more than Mr. Met.

Giving It Up for Mr. Met [NYT]