Sunday Show Preview

  • “Meet The Press”: Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

  • “Face the Nation”: incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and WH Chief of Staff Josh Bolten.

  • “This Week”: Bolten and Senators Joe Biden and Carl Levin.

  • “Fox News Sunday”: Howard Dean, Dan Bartlett, and Cirque du Soleil’s Heather Reilly.

  • “Late Edition”: Bolten, Senator Chuck Schumer and Pakistani PM Shaukat Aziz.

  • C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers”: Rep. James Clyburn and Josephine Hearn of The Hill and Deborah Barfield Berry of Gannett participate in the questioning.

  • “The Chris Matthews Show”: Dan Rather, Andrea Mitchell, Howard Fineman and Cynthia Tucker discuss if the election results will force and Iraq exit strategy.