Sunday Show Preview: 11.21.10

NBC’s Meet the Press:  Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State; Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA); Robert Draper, The New York Times Magazine; Paul Gigot, Wall Street Journal; Rep.-elect Allen West (R-FL); Richard Wolffe, Author of “Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House.”

CBS’ Face the Nation: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Representative Steny H. Hoyer (D-MD). 

• ABC’s This Week: Admiral Mike Mullen, Joint Chiefs of Staff; Donna Brazile, Democratic Strategist; Ed Luce, The Financial Times; Robert Reich, The American Prospect; George Will, ABC News.

CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley:  Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; John Pistole, TSA Administrator; Rep. John Mica (R-FL).

CNN’s Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz:  Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg News; Matthew Continetti, The Weekly Standard; Steve Roberts, The George Washington University; President Jimmy Carter.

Washington Week with Gwen Ifill and National Journal: David Sanger of The New York Times; Pete Williams of NBC News;  Janet Hook The Wall Street Journal; John Harwood of CNBC and The New York Times.

Bloomberg’s Political Capital with Al Hunt: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and an exclusive interview with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. 

NBC’s The Chris Matthews Show:  Katty Kay, BBC; Dan Rather, HDNet; Richard Stengel, TIME; Kelly O’Donnell, NBC News. 

Washington Watch with Roland Martin: Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA), Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), Del. Donna Christensen (D-VI), and Senator Roland Burris (D-IL).

•Platts Energy Week: Rep. Fred Upton (R-MI); US-India Business Council President Ron Somers; Fmr EPA Asst Admin Jeffrey Holmstead; Executive Director of the National Association of Clean Air Agencies Bill Becker; Natural Resources Defense Council’s Climate Center Policy Director David Doniger.

•Politico’s “Turn the Table” after the jump. 

We’ll update as we get ’em!