Sunday Show Hypotheses

We’ve received a lot of responses to yesterday’s post on ‘Face the Nation’ and its dropping ratings.

Some of the ideas we’ve heard:

> The only people in D.C. who get up at 9 a.m. to watch the Sunday shows are administration and Hill types, and they’d rather watch Chris Wallace than Clintonite George Stephanopoulos–hence the poor ratings for ‘This Week’ locally and the weak ratings for FNS nationally.

> The format for ‘This Week,’ with more different segments and shorter guest interviews, is resonating with viewers tired of the ‘Face’ and ‘Meet’ models of an exhaustive interview with one person.

> Bob Schieffer is doing too much between the Evening News in New York and the show here in D.C. on the weekends. His questions aren’t as on point as they once were, and viewers are noticing.

> TVNewser reports that the bad ratings for ‘Face’ appear to be leaving some CBS execs on edge.

Any other ideas/thoughts out there?