Sunday Cat Fight

  • “Meet The Press”: Former Gov. Mike Huckabee,
    Sens. Chuck Schumer and David
    , former Bush speechwriter Michael
    and Brookings’ Ken Pollack.

  • “Face The Nation”: Senate Minority Leader Mitch
    McConnell and Sens. Jim Webb and
    Arlen Specter.

  • “This Week”: Sens. Joe Biden and Dick
    and Rep. Duncan Hunter. Roundtable
    includes ABC’s Martha Raddatz, ex-Pentagon
    spokesperson Tori Clarke, and George

  • “Fox News Sunday”: Sens. Sam Brownback and
    Joe Lieberman and Sunlight Foundation directior
    Ellen Miller.

  • “Late Edition”: Former LG Michael Steele and
    Sens. Jay Rockefeller and Jon Kyl.

  • C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers”: Deputy National Security Advisor
    J.D. Crouch

  • “The Chris Matthews Show” : Don’t make us ask you again!