Sunday Business Editor Timothy L. O’Brien Leaves The New York Times to Become National Editor at The Huffington Post

The New York Times Sunday Business editor Timothy L. O’Brien joined The Huffington Post as national editor, where he will oversee politics and culture reporters and contribute to business coverage with executive business editor Peter S. Goodman, as well as penning features and columns.

O’Brien has helmed Sunday Business since 2006, and he won a Loeb Award for Distinguished Business Journalism in 1999. Prior to the Times, he worked with The Wall Street Journal, Talk Magazine, and National Geographic.

HuffPost co-founder and editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington said:

We are thrilled that Tim is joining us. He’s a world-class editor with a proven ability to bring out the best in the writers he works with, producing engaging, high-impact stories. His demonstrated ability to lead a team of journalists and his dedication to holding powerful institutions to account make him an ideal fit for The Huffington Post.

O’Brien added:

I’m very excited to join The Huffington Post and to have the opportunity to work with an enthusiastic, talented, and growing team of journalists who have already set new benchmarks in digital media. And I will miss The New York Times, which has been like a second home to me. I’ll always have great respect for its traditions.

And Goodman said:

I worked closely with Tim for three years at The New York Times, and I’ve seen first-hand what an amazing tool kit he brings to the craft of journalism. He is a ceaseless source of fresh ideas, a critical thinker, and a rigorous taskmaster when it comes to nailing down the facts. More than that, he is relentlessly geared toward uncovering the larger truths that lie beneath the day-to-day events of the news. He will be an inspiration in our growing newsroom.