Sundance Dispatch: Par-tayz

From FBLA contributor Andrea Wachner on assignment at Sundance.


Some people come to Sundance to watch movies. Some people come to Sundance for the swag, or to ski, or to invade Jack Black‘s privacy. But most people come to Sundance for the parties, and ladies and germs, last night we partied for all y’all.

Here’s where we went: it all started at 2pm with the Writer’s Guild party at Jean Louis. Met Jean Louis! Jean Louis did not meet our complex set of dietary needs so face-stuffing and movie watching immediately followed.

Now solidly into the pm, the gang of NYU friends invaded the Ivy League party at Celsius, with our token Harvard Pilgrim, the director Jon Shear in tow.

Then came Black House, which wins Best of The Lounges in my book.

After that we sweet-talked our way into the Netflix party where we guacamolied and joined forces with screenwriter Michael Goldenberg who makes magic happen on his blackberry.

We then did a drive by of the BMI party which served as an unrestful stop on our way to the William Morris party where we did a wrist band coyote scheme to get us all in, ate 20 pound burritos from their Chipotle bar, and had some lovely face time with Jason Ritter.

It’s now 3am and I’ve got nothing left to give.