Sundance Dispatch: Anywhere USA

From FBLA contributor Andrea Wachner on assignment at Sundance.

Five of us just came from the movie Anywhere USA. Two absolutely loved it, two thought it was pretty good, and one hated it.

The stories (there are 3) were lovely and it was beautifully made (cinematography and graphics et al). But we had trouble staying awake (but then maybe it was all those parties from last night.) All three parts seemed too long and movie theaters are dark. It was easier to fall asleep in the theater, tingly leg and all, than it has been in my lady condo in Olympic village, with nine other sassy gals.

That’s a lot of sass, wrangled in by the incredible playwright Susan Johnston, who wrangles us all on a weekly basis as the head of the NYU West Writer’s Lab. Johnston, who loved the film, has been coming to Sundance for years, and has decided that next year we’re gonna go big and have a sponsored house (mediabistro, heeey!)