Sundance Channel Will Air ‘Get to Work’ Finale on Monday Night

Calling all jobseekers! If you’ve been glued to your screen for the back-to-work boot camp serving the chronically unemployed, as in Sundance Channel’s docu-series, Get to Work, there’s one more episode for this season.

On Monday at 10 p.m. ET, the series will wrap up its season with an episode, “Wake Up and Smell Reality.” For a sneak peek, three unemployed job seekers bond over the fact they need to change how they see themselves in order to find jobs.

For instance, one job seeker lived in a $750,000 home only to find herself living under a bridge. Her main issue? She still sees herself as a successful TV producer but hasn’t accepted hitting rock bottom.

As for another job seeker, one woman choose drugs instead of her son and now her self-esteem needs a real boost.

Will they find inner strength to move on with their lives and consequently their job hunt? Sounds like the finale will kick them into shape.

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