Sumner Redstone Offers Peter Lauria Reward For Naming Viacom Source

The Daily Beast has made public a voicemail left by Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone for reporter Peter Lauria in which Redstone tells Lauria he will be “well-rewarded and well-protected” should he want to give up his source at Viacom — a source whose loose lips led to an article on how Redstone was trying to get MTV to run a reality show about the Electric Barbarellas, a somewhat musical girl group whose show was deemed “unwatchable.” (Do keep in mind that that MTV is home to such fare as Blonde Women Blinking In Los Angeles and Summer’s Eve Products On Parade)

The show evidently did not pass muster with the likes of many top executives at the network, including MTV Networks CEO Judy McGrath, but Redstone was using his clout to get it aired anyway, even spending thousands of dollars on flying the group’s members to New York.

Take a listen:

So, did Lauria take the bait? Nope. That “will never happen,” he writes.