Summize to be Rolled Into Twitter

Twitter has made the news official, they have acquired Summize and will be rolling it into Twitter (as pictured below). I had been skeptical of the news last week given that the sources were incredibly sketchy. Josh Chandler, a practically unknown blogger, somehow got the scoop on the story. It appears to be a freak instance that ended up turning out to be right.

Regardless, the acquisition of Summize makes a lot of sense and it will definitely be welcomed by Twitter users. I temporarily stopped using Twitter following all of their crashes and the API service not working but thanks to the new iPhone I have been using it again on a regular basis. For the time being Summize has immediately been shifted to (makes a lot of sense).

If you haven’t used Summize before, you are in for a treat. This is the most user friendly search tool for Twitter out there. The search is real-time and when you enter a query, the page will automatically notify you when new search results are found. Acquisition of Summize was a no brainer for Twitter. While I may have been skeptical of the source last week, I still suggested it was a smart idea.

Looks like Twitter was listening to the community and decided to move forward with the acquisition. Great move for Twitter! It looks like things may be slowly starting to shape up for the company after a couple challenging months.