Summize makes it possible to find the latest Twitter buzz, and I'm amazed

Pardon me for yet again another Twitter post. I really can’t help it. Like I always say, Twitter is the wave of web 2.0, social networking and online communication. So, what do we have now? Twitter search engine – Summize.Summize is a pretty forward Twitter application. It crawls through Twitter’s public timeline in realtime, thread together associated tweets and lets you search for buzz words, keywords or whatever terms you might want to search for. I tried the search tool using the keywords “facebook connect” and it gave me a dearth of Twitter updates referencing those two words. Heck, I even got my own post about Facebook Connect. For that reason, I give it a thumbs up! (Ok, just kidding).

Now, here’s a bit of a good news. If you get used to Summize’s basic search and you want a more powerful way of searching through Twitter, Summize gives you an advanced Twitter search. The advanced search lets you:

  • search for all the search terms contained in your search term
  • search at least one of the words you typed in
  • search for something that does not contain the words you type in (weird!)
  • specify a language for the search results
  • translate results to English
  • search for tweets to or from a specific user
  • use special query options {?,:), :(#}
  • search using any combination of the above operators

For more detailed explanation on how these advanced search is used, check out the Summize blog.

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