Summer’s Eve Pulls Hand Vagina Ads

Summer’s Eve pissed a lot of people off with ads that some called racist and just about everyone called stupid. Now Ad Age says the ads have been pulled from YouTube and it could’ve been one huge stunt. But it’s your lucky day because there’s some other nonsense on there with a talking cat puppet. You get it? Cuz they’re clever and progressive over there at the Summer’s Eve douche factory.

But the Ad Age story draws parallels between the fracas over these ads and one last year that had something to do with women getting raises by douching.

“One sign that Fleet [the company behind Summer’s Eve] doesn’t mind the fuss: Ms. Bryant last year was brand manager of Summer’s Eve when she publicly apologized for the douche-to-get-a-raise ad. This year, she’s director of U.S. marketing,” the article says.

We’ll ask the same question we asked of the NapiSan campaign (see previous post): Is this stunt selling product? Can you sell product when people feel like you’re insulting them or their intelligence? We say no.